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Revolutionizing fuel industry

Our immersive solutions are reshaping training, simulation, and operations in petroleum, ensuring safety, efficiency, and sustainability for a new era of progress."


VR technology in the oil and gas industry recreates dangerous conditions in a simulation, enabling employees to receive realistic training without risking their health. This prepares them to effectively manage disasters and prioritize safety.

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VR technology serves as a valuable tool for product development, offering 3D rendering capabilities to simulate digital designs. By leveraging VR, manufacturers can test and evaluate product designs well in advance of the manufacturing stage, enabling early detection of potential issues and reducing costly errors.

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Immersive training

Immersive training in VR offers an engaging, lifelike learning experience. In the petroleum industry, it allows trainees to safely practice skills in realistic environments, reducing risks and costs while enhancing learning.

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The VR training replicates a real work environment without associated risks.

Training participants can acquire new skills without compromising their safety or damaging equipment.


Participants in the training can practice new skills in a virtual environment, reinforcing their knowledge.

VR enables practical learning by allowing the application of new skills with less hesitation than in real-world conditions.


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VR enables easy assessment of training outcomes.

Every movement of training participants can be automatically recorded, tracked, and analyzed.

There is no need to involve dedicated personnel in the assessment process.


VR training offers immersive and interactive educational experiences.

Guidance, hints, and instructions can be delivered directly to participants within the VR environment.

To enhance participant engagement, gamification features can be implemented within the application.


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IWR | Samat | Training Conference

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VR environments and training scenarios can be customized to match the specific skills and knowledge levels of training participants.

The possibilities are limited only by imagination, providing versatile training options.

VR training can be conducted without interrupting workflow processes.


There is no need to invest in expensive equipment or incur travel expenses for training.

It eliminates the necessity of bringing in highly paid trainers or experienced personnel to remote locations.

Educational content can be reused and updated regularly.


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