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Beyond reality

Dive into a realm where imagination has no boundaries. Join us on a journey into the extraordinary, where thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences await. Step into a world that transcends reality itself and discover the ultimate entertainment destination.

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the ultimate immersive experience


virtual reality elevates gaming to new levels, immersing players in captivating worlds

gamers physically interact with the environment, enhancing gameplay engagement and intuition

VR technology heightens the sense of presence, providing an unparalleled gaming experience

Our projects

we develop and port PC games to VR and certify on all major sales platforms such as: STEAM VR, META QUEST, PLAYSTATION VR, PICO VR

street view at night

Virtual walks - exploring the world from anywhere

our project

Cracow boulevards

experience immersive virtual walks to explore real-world locations

visit famous landmarks and historical sites from home

VR walks promote tourism and education, broadening cultural experiences

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Virtual art galleries and exhibitions

plaster statue of a woman

our project

in Museum of John Paul II 

Game's Preproduction

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