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image presents woman inVR glasses. half part of the image shows gaming controller, interio design an pipes with gas an workers

Changing industries

through the power of virtual reality


Partner with us to unlock new possibilities and harness the full potential of VR technology for your enterprise's growth and success!

As a member of the Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster,
we actively support the innovation ecosystem in the region, enabling the commercialization of cutting-edge products and technologies.

Our capabilities are strengthened by collaboration with scientific institutions, ensuring the delivery of high-quality solutions. Alongside EduVRLab Research Laboratory, we organize regular VR workshops at the Faculty of Humanities at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. We closely collaborate with the Higher School of Business-National Louis University in implementing VR, AI and CloudA technologies in higher education institutions and other educational units.

We are a member of the AI4MŚP platform at the Ministry
of Digital Affairs, serving as an authorized provider of VR
and AI solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

company logo, an eye and IWR letters

Breaking Boundaries, Building Worlds

Transforming Entertainment, Energizing Oil & Gas, and Designing Environments with VR.


We are revolutionizing the fuel industry.

Igniting innovation in the fuel industry, we redefine training, safety and efficiency through the power of virtual reality.

oil truck
modern building


Unlocking the transformative power of VR, bringing dreams and designs to life in immersive dimensions.


Immerse yourself in the realm of limitless possibilities, as we create captivating VR applications that redefine entertainment.

gaming controler


Where Learning Takes on a Whole New Dimension

Immersive Training: Dive into a new era of learning. Our virtual reality experiences bring education to life, making training more engaging and effective than ever before. Get ready to step into the future of skill development.

triangle made from glass with some words inside like: safety, efficiency

Some facts about VR trainings


VR-trained employees are 4 times more focused during training than their e-learning peers.


VR learners are 275% more confident applying skills learned after training


Employees can be trained 4 times faster in VR courses than in classrooms.

Source:XR Today

logo of a company, letters IWR
shows a man - CEO of the company


Many have trusted us

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Discover the remarkable companies that have chosen to partner with us in our journey to success.

Discover the remarkable companies that have chosen to partner with us in our journey to success.

Discover the remarkable companies that have chosen to partner with us in our journey to success.

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